Loans - Mortgage Loan

savali Home Loan
  • Construction, repairs & renewals property
Limit of loan:
  • 60% of valuation of property
Eligibility:For salaried customer:
  • Applicant should have permanent job in government, co-operative or in private sector
  • Undertaking regarding deduction of installment from salary is required.
  • Total deduction including installment of loan should not be more than 65% of monthly payment.
  • Applicant should be income tax payee. (3years Income Tax return)
  • For self employed
    Applicant should be income tax payee.(3years Income Tax return)
Rate Of Interest
  • Upto 5 lakhs - 13%
  • Above 5 lakhs - 12%
  • Builders loan - 16.00%
Repayment Period 5 to 10 years
  • Mortgage of property
  • Two guarantors.
Other Charges
  1. Valuation fees-As applicable.
  2. Processing fee-
    Up to 50 laks 1%
    above 50 lakh 0.50%
  3. Advoacate fee- As applicable
  • Extract, building plan & permission, estimate, search report, Copies of original purchase deeds/extract etc.
  • In case of salaried customers salary slip, IT returns with computation of income.
  • Two guarantor (property holders, Income proof)
  • In case of self employed last three years profit & loss A/c, balance sheet & IT returns.
  • Photographs, identity proof, age proof, photo proof, residence proof of borrower & guarantor.(as per KYC norms)