The Coop. movement is the backbone of rural economic development of India. The movement struck roots in Maharashtra in the first decade of the century and later blossomed. The conviction inspired by this plain principles materialised as early as 1912 in the shape of a new enterprise now familiar with all as "THE PANDHARPUR URBAN CO-OP. BANK LTD.'. As usual initially the pace of progress was slow but steady, the area of activity was limited and the monetary base was much less than the need. Since independence the bank with its schemes and clientele, capacity and capability for cooperation gathered both mass and momentum. Ours are the pioneering efforts in this filed in Solapur District. A small seed from the movement, has grown up into a banyan tree.


The encient town of Pandharpur is situated on the right bank of river" BHIMA''. There is a continuous flow of thousand of devotees the warkaris. We are proud of the fact that we also are located in this very city, so that a continuous flow of people offers us opportunity to awaken them to their economic needs. And with the blessings of "VITHOBA'. We , who opened the accounts in 1912 with 45 members and deposited of Rs.957/- only. have after nine decades of fruitful existence, reached a record mark of 23710 membrs,15 branches and working funds of Rs.599.46 crores and with strong & stout heart are looking forward to 'shatabadhi'' coop. banking service.


Our bank is of the common man, for the common man and by the common man. We had in view those schemes that benefited him most such as cottage industries and small scale industries. With the introduction of 20 point programme, the bank made more financial assistance available to the priority and weaker sections of the society and there by strengthened its welfare activities.


Basically, the banking activity is an economic activity but in a developing society such as ours, the banks have to assume many more allied and additional responsibilities. Now a days there is multi dimensional banking, it has to be social &cultural too. And bank wanted to live upto the times. The bank promptly declared many "social facilities" a share holder would get an aid of Rs.1000/- for observing funeral and the funeral rites on application by his/her heir which is a novel and most practical service. One Ambulance & one Harsevan is also provided on 'NO PROFIT NO LOSS'' Principle. Thus the social roal has channelised the funds in other direction too. Share holders gladly stamped their consent to arrange for charitable contributions. Thus, in a word, we are very much with the national stream of banking for economic development and aspire to contribute our maximum might. Our sacred belief is Neither the giver nor the receiver be put to any loss but should share mutual benefit.

Sr.NO Year Milestone
1 1921Land purchased for bank building.
2 1925 Started functioning all sorts of Banking Business.
3 1931 Land purchased for godawn building.
4 1959 Started various Banking services to the customers.
5 1962 Opened first branch at Sangola
6 1964 Constructed a new office building at Pandharpur
7 1965 Awarded first prize to our bank by the Maharashtra Coop. Union Ltd. Federal society
8 1979 Granted banking license to our bank by Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai
9 1982 Donated Rs.1,00,000/-to Rural Cancer Research & Relief Society at Barsi by our bank first time in Maharashtra state.
10 1984 Constructed New office Building at Sangola.
11 1985 The then Chairman Shri S.R.Paricharak & General Manager Shri. S.B.Tare participated in an abroad study tour arranged by the National Coop.Union of India New Delhi
12 1986 Constructed a New office building at Barsi
13 1987 Celebrated Diamond Jubilee year with marvelous programs and activities, which were never made by any other urban bank.
14 1988 Declared and awarded two gold medals 1) Dnyaneshwar Gold Medal 2) Dharmasindhukar Baba Maharaj Padhye Gold Medal in H.S.C.Board, Pune Division Pune every year who stood First in Marathi & Sanskrit respectively
15 1991 Opened 8th branch Market yard, at Solapur
16 1993 Constructed new office building at Modnimb
17 1993 Constructed new office building at Tilak chowk solapur
18 1993 Opened 9th Branch at Tilak Chowk Solapur
19 1993 Opened 10th Branch at Vairag
20 1994 Granted advances to earth quakes affected peoples on concessional Rate of Interest
21 1995 Land purchased for Marketyard Br.Pandharpur
22 1996 Land purchased for Mahila Br.Pandharpur
23 1998 Land purchased for Mahila Br.Pandharpur
24 1999 Donated Rs.5,00,000/- to Orisa flood relief fund. & Rs.5,00,000/- to Prime minister relief fund for Kargil war.
25 2001 Donated Rs,5,00,000/- to Gujrath earth quakes Relief fund.
26 2001 Bank Donated 2 Ambulance in Barsi city to Rotary Club & Lions club.
27 2001 Our Mahila Br.Pandharpur celebrated Silver Jubilee year.
28 2002 Our Hon.Chairman Shri P.P.Paricharak elected as a Director on M.S.C.Bank Federation & Solapur Nagari Sahakari Banks Coop. Association.
29 2003 Opened 12th Br. At Pradakshina Road, Pandharpur.
30 2003 Donated Rs.2.00 lakh to Solapur effected of DANGAL GRAST people.
31 2009 Opened 13th branch at Kothrud, Pune dt.31/10/2009.
32 2010 Opened 14th branch at Latur dt.15/10/2010.
33 2010 1st ATM Center & Core Banking System dt.01/05/2011
34 2011 NPCI Membership
35 2012 Shifting Navi Peth Branch, Khawa Bajar, Pandharpur dt.23/03/2012
36 2012 Opened 15th branch at Navi Peth dt.23/03/2012
37 2012 Opened 16th branch at Baramati dt.11/11/2012
38 2013 Opened 17th branch at Mangalwedha dt.11/04/2013
39 2013 Opened 18th branch at Chinchwad, Pune dt.13/05/2013