NFS Network

NFS Network( National Finanational Switch)

NFS (National Finanational Switch) was conceptualized, developed and implemented by Institute of development and Research In Banking Technology (IDRBT), Hyderabad with a view to inter-connect the ATM's in the Country RBI has granted authorisation to NPCI to take over the operations of NFS from IDRBT on a as is where is basis on Oct.15,2009. NPCI has deputed its officials to IDRBT Hyderabad and NPCI has taken over NFS operating from December 14,2009.Any bank with CBS with 24x7 transaction Banking capabilities with ATM or no ATM can now join the NFS through sponsor Bank .This would facilate to Scheduled and Non Scheduled Urban Co-op Banks, Regional Rural Banks to have access to the National Network more than 1,20,000 ATM's in the country.There are 137 Banks including Member and Non Member banks.NPCI has mandate to create a domestic card scheme.The Brand name finalised for the Same is RuPay.Our bank member of NFS Network from 1/5/2011.

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